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(11-1-07) aii welcomes Jammin Join Jammin and get a chance to win $10,000 and appear on TV. Jammin is part of the Si TV entertainment network.

(8-29-07) aii welcomes BetterHealth1.com The best way to better health and a great business opportunity.

(7-23-07) aii welcomes Verizon V Cast Latin Host Search If you are bilingual submit your video and audtion to be the next V Cast host on Verizon Wireless's V Cast Network

(4-10-07) aii welcomes Absolute Photography Forum Discussions of film and digital photography and equipment and software.

(1-3-07) aii welcomes VoteTheBastardsOut.com A place to voice your frustrations and let your politicians know how you really feel. Not a place for those weak of heart or mind.

(9-1-06) aii welcomes VangardVoice.com Aii welcomes Vangard Voice Systems adding voice recognition to all of your computer applications through their patented speech technology.

(8-1-06) aii welcomes AAAFranchiseOpportunities.com AAA Franchise Opportunities the web's best resource for franchising and business opportunity information.

(7-30-06) aii welcomes LosAngelesBusinessRegister.com The Los Angeles Business Register, our newest online directory for professional, contractor and personal services in the Los Angles Area.

(5-20-05) aii welcomes A-Franchise.com Thinking about purchasing a franchise or starting your own business? Check them out, one of the nets best franchise information resources.

(4-12-06) aii welcomes Fantasiawear.com Order your costume for Haloween now. View their beautiful models in some of the wildest outfits available on the Net.

(3-22-06) aii welcomes LicensedAppraisersInc.com Part of the Certified Appraiser Network Real Estate Appraisal in Los Angeles and the rest of Southern California. Visit their site and get a Free Comp Check.

(3-5-06) aii welcomes the Wholesale Screens and Glass Purchase everything related to Screens and Glass online at wholesale prices. Visit their on-line store.

(10-12-05) aii welcomes the Certified Appraiser Network Premier real estate appraisal company in Southern California.

(12-1-05) aii welcomes the South Bay Camera Club Located in Redondo Beach, CA. The South Bay Camera Club web site has online photo galleries, photo critiques, articles, tips a photo forum and a wealth of other photographic resources..

Older News:

(5-12-05) aii welcomes Home Theatre Products the premier on-line store for all things related to the construction and use of home theatres.

(4-7-05) aii welcomes the SouthBayBusinessRegister.com the premier directory for service providers and professionals in the South Bay area.

(2-1-05) aii welcomes innovativetheatres.com designers of elegant home theatres. Innovative Theatres has a variety of ready to install theatres as well as a complete portfolio of custom built theatres for home and business. Please visit their site and look at their unique theatre designs.

(4-1-02) aii welcomes peaceful-living.com designers and importers of fine furniture from Asia. Please visit their site and let us know what you think..

(3-1-02) aii not only designs web sites and CD projects, but also does print work design for publications. The aii graphics staff recently completed the design of a book cover for Nichelle Nichols, "O'Hura" of Star Trek fame. Click HERE to see the cover design and look for Nichelle's latest book "Saturna's Quest" at a store near you.

(12-31-01) aii welcomes JasonGremley.com Jason is a fitness model and bodybuilder in the Los Angeles area. His site offers workout and nutrition tips as well as photo galleries and mini-videos. This site has both a free and paid member section, as well as an online store for products using our e-commerce software.

(10-20-01) aii welcomes Silver-Pixel.net Another major photography submission and critique site has joined aii web hosting. Visit the Silver Pixel Network and check out the unique photos submitted by its members from all over the world. Post'em if you got'em all levels of photography are welcome.

(8-8-01) aii welcomes USEFILM.com The best photography project site on the net. Check it out and look through the photo gallery, add a photo critique, or read the photography help and articles section. Post your photos and join in on the live chat or live photo critique sessions. Don't be shy, post your photos and get involved.

(8-2-01) aii welcomes Strategy + Capital Partners, LLC. aii graphic designers planned the site to be simple and clean while still getting the company message across to the viewers.

(7-30-01) aii welcomes Fantasiawear.com the online adult clothing superstore. Fantasiawear is running a fully customized Shop-Site e-commerce engine with many thousands of items and pages. Check out there site, there is something there for everyone. (18 years or older that is)

(6-18-01) aii welcomes the Inca Corporation, the world leader in automated TV, Table, and Projector lifts. aii produced the Inca catalog on a CD for distribution as well as adapting it for use as their website. Check out the Inca line of lifts and accessories. Be sure to click on the animations to see how they all work. Pretty Neat Stuff!

(6-1-01) aii welcomes Vanco.net VANCO HEAVY LIFT can provide total support services to logistic groups, foreign freight forwarders, international custom brokers, container and break bulk water carriers with both international and domestic services over Southern California.

(3-1-01) aii has completed the Faucets4Less.com E-commerce site. This is the first site to use our new E-commerce engine with over 1500 items now in the catalog and more added every day this site should be one of the leading plumbing fixture sites on the net. Pay them a visit.

(2-21-01) aii welcomes Nexcom Telecom a leading provider in "Voice over IP" between the US and Europe. Visit their site to see a sample of interesting user interfaces.

(7-27-00) aii welcomes Referral4free.com to the Absolute Internet family. aii created this site using the latest database and web design tools. aii can design a custom data driven web site for your application, give us a call. Visit Referral4free.

(6-17-00) aii welcomes PriorityCompNet.com to its growing familly of premier web sites. Priority Comp Net, a leader in workmens compensation medical plans, chose Absolute Internet to completely design and host their corporate web site. Visit Priority Comp Net.

(6-17-00) aii would also like to welcome Spinaudio.com developers of high end audio production software. Visit Spinaudio

(4-13-00) aii would like to welcome www.photovault.com to our network. Photovault, a leader in stock photographic images, has one of the largest image libraries in the world with over 70,000 images on-line. and over 600,000 images yet to be scanned. aii is proud to host this premier web site.

(3-20-00) - We would like to welcome AHTKY Insurance to the aii familly of high speed, integrated, network clients. aii has combined the Internet, VPNs, LAN, and Extranet into a complete business communications solution for AHTKY, one of Los Angeles county's largest insurance and financial firms.

Services News:
(4-15-01) - aii no longer provides DSL services. Contact your local telephone or cable company for high speed home access. aii can still provide businesses with high speed connectivity using T1, wireless, or fiber connections. Call us with your requirements.

Members News:
(04-13-00) - aii is currently adding national dialup services. aii will now be accessable from over 300 locations around the country for quality high speed dial up access. Check back for a list of national access numbers and locations.

Network News:
- All systems and circuits are up and operational

(2-2-00)- We've gone and redesigned our site, we hope you enjoy the new look.
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Tech Support News:
(3-24-00) - This page is currently being updated to reflect Windows 98, and NT2000 as well as the newer Mac OS. Please check back later for more information.

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